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If we have come up with the idea of producing DIY pellets, it is mainly because we want to meet our need to save money and economise at home as much as possible.

These machines are designed to turn organic materials into pellet, a clean and low-cost fuel for pellet stoves and hot-air generators.

Speaking of pellet, discover our guide about how to make wood pellet at home.

With a wood pellet machine you can transform your biomass into a renewable energy source, contributing to the fight against climate change. Choose your ideal wood pellet machine among a wide range of models and specifications in order to produce high-quality material at home. Discover how a wood pellet mill can become a sustainable solution for your energy.

The chose of a pellet machine is dictated by the need of finding the most affordable way of producing energy. On the market it is possible to find different wood pellet machines, which differentiates according to their power supply:

How do they work?

We saw that their main function is producing energy, but how exactly do they work?

A pellet machine consists of several components that work together to compact the organic material into small, compact cylinders. The wood chips are entered into the machine where they are exposed to high pressure and heat. This process compacts the material and turns it into the well-known pellet. This is then cooled and can be stored or used as fuel.

Learning how to use these machines would help you producing your pellet in an efficient and sustainable way.

Here is an explicative video, made directly by one of our supplier, showing how pellet machines generally work.

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For home use, we usually recommend to chose electric pellet machines (single-phase or three-phase depending on the kW load in our electricity supply) if you have the possibility of using the home mains. An electric motor will always have lower management costs than pellet mills with a petrol engine or tractor

Single-phase pellet machines will feature a maximum power of 3 Hp with an hourly output between 20 and 60 Kg/h, depending on the model of machine and the type of wood chosen; this figure increases considerably for pellet mills with three-phase electric motors, which can reach outputs between 5 and 120 Hp. In fact, the hourly output varies between 50 and 90 Kg/h up to more than 110 Kg for motors with 10 Hp.

What are main advantages

  1. Environment: using electric machines reduces Co2 emissions and other greenhouse gases, contributing to the fight against climate change.
  2. Sustainable energy: producing pellet at home will allow you to use a sustainable and renewable energy.
  3. Convenience: easy to store and transport, which makes it very convenient to use it every day.
  4. Economy: by producing the heating fuel yourself, you can save on the purchase costs of traditional fuels such as gas or oil.


The regular maintenance of pellet machines is important to ensure their correct functioning and extend their service life. Here are some tips for an optimal maintenance:

  • Cleaning: clean the machine regularly to avoid clogs that may interfere with its operation;
  • Lubrication: regularly lubricate the moving parts to ensure that the pellet machine runs efficiently and quietly;
  • Check: carry out regular visual checks for damage or wear that may interfere with its operation;
  • Repair: if necessary, promptly repair eventual faults to avoid further problems;

Now we’re ready to use the machine! Once the pellet machine is switched on, making pellets will be really easy. If the machine doesn’t produce anything or if you hear squeaking or strange noises during the first ten minutes of operation don’t worry: you haven’t broken anything! The machine is heating up and must have time to warm up the die. To reduce the noise, put a bit of sawdust between the rollers and the die… in this case it can be really useful!

Tip: during the first few minutes, the machine does not produce anything good. To avoid wasting the wood chips, do not pour them pure but mix them with sawdust.

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